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The Studieo7 Story

It’s always a pleasure to give the best to our favourites, and in such a way as to introduce Metaverse for the very first time in India to our clients, Studie’o 7 takes the honour. 

Experience the most contemporary and modest hair-cutting, colouring, and designing techniques in demand today. Our Talented team of devoted stylists has dedicated their time to ensure you have the latest up-to-date style in town.

What is Metaverse?

A virtual-reality space where you can meet yourself and witness the environment in a computer-generated version. It is always quite a surprise, in a salon industry that deals with the personal touch and physical treatment how metaverse would work. But we transformed and re-invented for a Virtual world where we cannot smell, contact, or feel what is in front of us. But it’s happening!!!

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As said earlier, Studieo7 has become the first brand in India to introduce Metaverse into beauty salons and now we are quickly adapting to establish a reign in the digital world.

To withstand and introduce something new made. Mr Rajesh, the founder of Studieo7 look beyond the boundaries and dove deep into the knells of the business. Studie’ o 7 has extended its wings to over 100+ Salons, 10+ States, and 50+ Franchises across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Kerala.

Our prime aim is to make our customers feel and look beautiful in every frame of the world. We offer high-end and premium services ranging from head to toe, like advanced skin solutions, hair designing, and what not. 

Studie’ O 7 takes you to an unimaginable realm of sensations; are you ready for the beautiful journey of you?

Why Choose us

Through our services, we aim to give you a complete luxury experience with the service of your choice.