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Turn on your Styling career and Master the art of styling with us. 

Right Platform to upskill yourself and a stage of learning for all aspiring stylists and professionals. Learn the art in a futuristic way by Metaverse, where you start styling on a digital platform. Passion is meant to be practised, Practice comes from learning. We make you learn the art of styling with Professionalism and Ethics, which makes us distinct from others. Joining the academy of 7, make you stand out from the crowd in terms of

Building a Strong Foundation

As the Salon is getting Flourished day by day, demand for the professionals is getting higher. And providing professionals to the market is just a piece of cakewalk for the Studie' o 7 Academy. We ensure to provide you with a strong foundation with better knowledge in Styling to withstand the market trends.

Acquiring Knowledge

Every day is an experience and new learning for you and especially, if you are passionate about this, you won’t get tired of learning. Starting from handling various products to learning the techniques of make-over according to the skin tone, texture, etc.

Inculcating Creativity

Do anything with your signature touch in it. Creativity is the only thing that differentiates you from others. We ensure that you follow it. Being a stylist who not only deals with giving a makeover to the client. should bring your creativity into a profession which turns into art. We also make you utilise your creativity.

Never-Ending Learning

Bringing new methodologies and Ideas is the prime aim of our Academy. Our stylists would constantly keep on learning and adopting new techniques and treatments which are raging in the salon industry. Also conducting live sessions with specialists and experts in the salon reign

Complete Salon Management

Management is not an easy task, nor is it a herculean task. Greater customer satisfaction leads to greater success, which comes with effective management, so you will receive comprehensive management training ranging from hospitality to efficiency.

Assessment and Certification

Our stylists are assessed before they get into the field, and we ensure that all the individuals have entirely learned the art with us. We guarantee their work and interests by certifying them.

En route to your passion

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